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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 31, 2021

This week, we take an unflinching look at the impacts of the recent extreme global weather events as they provide a grim backdrop to the G20 meeting in Naples, the informal meeting of ministers representing 51 countries in London at the weekend, and the IPCC summary report by Working Group 1. This highly anticipated report is set to provide the up-to-the-moment science on future warming and future effects of warming. It’s a big deal, especially with of COP26 right around the corner.

So, with the lack of consensus on ending fossil fuels subsidies and phasing out coal among the G20 delegates and environmental ministers in London, combined with the anticipated stark report due from the IPCC, leads us to ask: how much more devastation can we suffer before climate change is recognised for the existential threat it poses?  

Our guest this week Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, and founder of National Geographic Pristine Seas. He brings us the optimism on protecting our marine life, and how we can avoid mass biodiversity loss and depletion of our fish stock and prevent further catastrophes to human and natural communities, if we act now on 30x30.

And later on in the episode, join us for Elle L’s debut avant-pop track, “Hoping”.

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Check out The Dasgupta Report that was issued to help inform governments and business leaders to account for the value of nature’s ecosystem.



Thank you to our guest this week, Enric Sala!


Enric Sala

National Geographic Explorer in Residence | National Geographic Pristine Seas

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National Geographic Pristine Seas
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Our artist this week is Elle L!

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