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Outrage + Optimism

Oct 27, 2021

Tom Hale is BACK and here to announce the official Launch of the Net Zero Tracker!

So yes - this week we have Associate Professor in Global Public Policy at Oxford University, Tom Hale, who joined us back in March of this year discussing the launch of a report “Taking Stock of commitments to Net Zero”. That report put a spotlight on the credibility of a wave of government and business net zero commitments at the time. He is now returning more triumphant than ever with a significant update - The launch of a publicly available Net Zero Tracker!

It’s a big deal.

Our host, Paul Dickinson jumps in to ask, What the Hale IS the Net Zero Tracker? And how is it creating radical transparency that will lead to actually limiting global heating to 1.5C?

In tandem with the Net Zero Tracker is a new release as well, The Net Zero Dashboard Codebook - Filled with terms to bring absolute clarity to Net Zero pledges, promises, and what the Hale do all these terms mean? Stick around for our classic Lightning Round.

The Race to Zero continues!



Christiana + Tom’s book ‘The Future We Choose’ is available now!

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Links Mentioned in the Show:


Net Zero Tracker

UNEP Gap Report

Oxford English Dictionary Climate Words Added

NYT Visualization of Emissions Pre-Paris vs Current vs Pledged vs Necessary for 1.5C



Thank you to our guest this week! 


Thomas Hale

Associate Professor in Global Public Policy at Oxford University

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Net Zero Tracker

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