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Outrage + Optimism

Nov 5, 2021

Coming to you LIVE from Energy Day at COP26!

So, energy and climate change. Where should we start?

With both the IEA World Energy Outlook and the IPCC AR6 Scientific assessment that came out this year declaring that coal has peaked, we also know that gas and then oil must also peak and see their way to the museums, as Christiana would say. 1.5C has been the only north star at COP26 to doing things like consigning coal to history, and every step towards decarbonizing our economy paints a clearer and clearer understanding more than ever before that we have to start now to cut emissions in one half by 2030 and restore and protect nature, at the same time.

But how does this apply to the developing world? The right to development is unquestionable, morally and also economically. But whilst those in rich and middle income countries received energy from fossil fuel sources that enabled their development, the situation that put us in is forcing us to think differently about providing clean, low carbon, and affordable energy to ensure societies that are bearing climate impacts the most harshly are also given an equal and equitable pathway to develop.

So where do we begin to provide accessible, clean, affordable energy to all? What are the challenges, what are the benefits, how will this new fund support billions of people to live better lives - and how fast can it be achieved?

Tune in to find out!



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