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Outrage + Optimism

Sep 22, 2022

In an event as rare as the triple Jovian eclipse on Jupiter, Christiana, Tom and Paul recorded this episode together! As in IRL together! Physically at the same table!

Having graduated from their humble beginnings which saw them huddled together around a mic in a San Francisco bathroom (not ‘toilet’ as the Brits call it, conjuring up all kinds of odd visions for our US audiences), they are now broadcasting to you listeners from Tom’s ‘cozy’ New York hotel room, bringing us all the news and highlights from the first half of Climate Week NYC.

Christiana shares that alongside all the useful conversations that will be happening this week as the community grapples with solutions to tackling the climate crisis, the need for a gut belief that we CAN solve this crisis is critical. A belief she is sensing is worryingly absent…

Tom’s prediction for the next mega trend in the climate movement and philanthropy is in the form of strategic communications and political economy building.

Paul meanwhile is inspired by the role cities can play in implementing much needed governance and policy without the obstacles that are present in high level government.

While our special guest this week, the Financial Times columnist, Martin Wolf might not self-identify as an optimist, his conversation with Christiana, Tom and Paul offers a  fascinating analysis of the economic, corporate and political forces that we find ourselves at the mercy of, the reasons behind the rise of populism and what he thinks it will take for us to really collectively wake up to this crisis.

And of course another incredible song from our new friend, Tommy WÁ. Stick around to the end to hear an exclusive performance from him!


Notes and Resources 


Thank you to our phone guest this week, Martin Wolf!


Martin Wolf | Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times



Be sure to check out Martin’s Column in The Financial Times



Thank you to our musical guest this week, Tommy WÁ!


Tommy WÁ

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkTree | YouTube


Check out Tommy’s Live from NYC 3 Song Concert on YouTube


The EarthShot Prize Innovation Summit 2022 was a major highlight this week. Christiana moderated!


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