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Outrage + Optimism

Sep 29, 2022

Welcome to this week’s episode - It’s a packed agenda. Our hosts cover everything from nature breakdown in the UK, the threat of nuclear war in Europe, the downfall of a World Bank President and plenty in-between. We also hear from the incredible Helen Clarkson and Catherine McKenna on everything to do with greenwashing, carbon tax and the power of straight-talking on climate. For those of you working in the corporate world and grappling with climate action, this is an episode you do not want to miss.

Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group which convenies Climate Week NYC, shares a fascinating insight at the disconnect happening within companies on the road to net zero, who are now having to turn their commitments into real action.

And that brings us to the fascinating conversation on greenwashing with Catherine McKenna, Chair of something with an extraordinarily long and very difficult to say without reading your notes name: the UN’s High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities. We talk about how, while we’re all outraged - rightly - by greenwashing, we still need to lift up the folks who are doing the real work and not lump everyone in the same group.

And there’s more: on the balance between integrity and momentum, supply chain efficiencies, understanding risk, a price on carbon, disclosure and what blockchain has to do with all of that.

We wrap up with a gorgeous song from Finnegan Tui. Your ears will thank you for staying on to listen.


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Thank you to our guests this week: 


Helen Clarkson | Chief Executive Office at the Climate Group 



Climate Group

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Catherine McKenna | Chair of H-LEG - the UN’s High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities.



Thank you to our musical guest this week, Finnegan Tui!

Finnegan Tui

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Congratulations to Global Optimism’s very own Freya Newman on her Masters Resarch being published in Nature Communications!


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