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Outrage + Optimism

Nov 16, 2022

Welcome to another episode of Outrage + Optimism, where we examine issues at the forefront of the climate crisis, interview change-makers, and transform our anger into productive dialogue on building a sustainable future.

In this special episode we bring you the conclusion of our celebrated Future of Food  series, recorded live from COP 27.  Outrage + Optimism host Tom Rivett-Carnac pulls together an incredible line up of leaders to explore how food might act as the connecting force that engages communities and individuals and brings us all together in a united global movement.

First, Tom takes the opportunity to catch up Per Heggenes, the CEO of The IKEA Foundation, to hear why food is of huge importance to his organisation's work and why Per believes food needs to stay top of the global agenda.

Next, Tom convenes a fascinating and diverse group of guests in a unique and quirky setting: a blue shipping container repurposed in collaboration with Museum for the United Nations UN Live team and The IKEA Foundation using Global We portals, to bring the voices of people on the frontline of climate change, directly into the heart of climate conversations at COP27 via full length screens, set up in diverse global locations.

Listen to the fascinating contributions from Tom's IRL guests  Paul Polman, Business Leader, Former CEO of Unilever and co-author of Net Positive; Liesbet Steer, Executive Director of the Education Commission; and Sophia Kianni climate activist, Executive Director of Climate Cardinals  and the youngest member on the United Nations Secretary-General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change; and our  Global We portal leaders from Kigali  Sarah Kenkuyu, Program Manager at GiveDirectly Rwanda; Kristian Gasaro, activist, Greenpreneur and photographer; and Tanignigui Siriki Soro, a writer and community leader from the Ivory Coast.

The resulting conversation is as diverse and as fascinating as our guests themselves. 


Enjoy the show!



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The IKEA Foundation

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Museum for the United Nations

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Per Heggenes


Paul Polman

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Liesbet Steer 

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The Education Commission

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Sophia Kianni

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Sarah Kenkuyu



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Kristian Gasaro

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Tanignigui Siriki Soro


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