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Outrage + Optimism

Apr 27, 2023

Welcome to another bumper episode of Outrage + Optimism!


This week we kick off with a rather triumphant Paul Dickinson revelling in the news that Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, has parted ways with the corporation. First David Malpass, now Tucker Carlson... We can’t help but wonder who else features on Paul’s mysterious list? Don’t worry Tom, you are quite safe. For now…

Christiana, Tom and Paul cover other big news in the US including Biden’s re-election bid; a White House commitment to put $1 billion into the Green Climate Fund; the announcement of the launch of Carbon Management Challenge; and an anticipated Biden vs Trump showdown. The recent G7, IMF and World Bank gatherings also come under the hosts scrutiny.

Our interview this week is with two formidable and fantastic women: (Mama) Mary Robinson (Chair of the Elders) and Hafsat Abiola, (President, Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative), who together have launched Project Dandelion, an incredible initiative that has grown out of the Connected Women Leaders network.

Finally, we play a brief clip featuring Mary Robinson taken from a short film entitled How Do We Get the World Off Fossil Fuels Quickly and Fairly? This film, recently made and released by our fantastic friends and partners over at TED Countdown serves as the second installment of their brilliant TED Countdown Dilemma Series. Be sure to watch the many varied viewpoints offered by an impressive line-up of guests here.




Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders 

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Hafsat Abiola, President, Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative

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Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative

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Connected Women Leaders (CWL) and Project Dandelion

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TED Countdown 

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WATCH: TED Countdown Dilemma Series

How Do We Get the World Off Fossil Fuels Quickly and Fairly


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