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Outrage + Optimism

Feb 28, 2020

This week we're LIVE for a #TheFutureWeChoose conversation with NYT columnist and 3 time Pulitzer Prize winner, Tom Friedman.

The book is out! You can officially order it now wherever books are sold! Here's the link to order your copy now:

This episode was recorded...

Feb 21, 2020

The most consequential event this year in climate is the 2020 U.S. Election. Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gets real with us on why some people should be held criminally liable for not acting on climate science, why he's optimistic about the future, and how climate as a voting issue can beat Donald...

Feb 14, 2020

This week we deviate from the normal episode with 3 of our friends!

First, we meet up with Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute / The Office U.S.) and Dr. Gail Whiteman to talk about @ArcticBasecamp's new campaign, "Speak Science To Power" and how we can give power to scientists and bring science into corporate...

Feb 7, 2020

This week a special guest drops in to chat with the gang! Hint: He's a "High Level Climate Action Champion" (what a title!) They talk what is crucial to the lead up to COP 26 and why ambition is the heart of driving results this year on climate.

Later on we're joined by Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz. Oliver is boldly...