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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 13, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Outrage + Optimism, where we examine issues at the forefront of the climate crisis, interview change-makers, and transform our anger into productive dialogue about building a sustainable future.

This week, our podcast comes from Detroit, Clay's home city, where Christiana, Tom and Clay have been attending the TED Countdown conference. The hosts provide an insight into what has been an incredible week, with fascinating speakers including a not-to-be-missed speech by Al Gore, Xiaojun "Tom" Wang and Susan Lozier, many talking about the exponential change that we are seeing, a recurring message coming out of the event. They also discuss Christiana’s recent op-ed, I thought fossil fuel firms could change. I was wrong’ which really is worth a read if you haven’t already.

Our hosts speak with some special guests from across the TED Countdown conference about this idea of exponential change and the need for a shift in the narrative of climate change; Andrew Steer, Fiona McRaith, Dr Jonathan Foley and Ellen Jackowski.

With Clay busy in Detroit at TED Countdown, huge thanks to Airaphon who mixed and sound edited the podcast this week.


You can read Christiana’s most recent op-ed here, I thought fossil fuel firms could change. I was wrong’

Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


Fiona McRaith, Manager, Engagement & Delivery and Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Bezos Earth Fund

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Dr Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown

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Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability Officer and EVP at Mastercard

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TED Countdown Summit 2023


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