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Outrage + Optimism

Nov 23, 2023

This week on O+O… our hosts discuss the US-China ‘Sunnylands statement’; China’s positive 2024 emissions news, and ask how we hold this positivity, alongside the recently published UN report that warns of lack of global progress on climate change and the inexorable rise of greenhouse gas emissions, without our heads exploding!

Our guests this week are Simon Mulcahy and Shyla Raghav from TIME, both responsible for founding TIME CO2, a division focused on providing businesses with the trusted content, solutions, applications and community that accelerate investment in climate solutions, and progress towards net zero. They recently released their TIME 100 CLIMATE inaugural list which includes our very own incredible Paul Dickinson.

Music this week comes from completely DIY self taught Indie-alt-pop musicians and producers Bad Sounds, with their song ‘Beggin’.




Shyla Raghav, Chief Climate Officer, TIME
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Simon Mulcahy, President Sustainability, TIME

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Bad Sounds

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