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Outrage + Optimism

Jun 20, 2024

This week, Outrage + Optimism celebrate World Refugee Day with an interview with Gaia Vince. The hosts discuss how extreme heat, floods or natural disasters cause tens of millions of people to leave their homes behind. They look at how climate migration is happening now and will only happen faster and with greater impact. With each degree of temperature rise, a billion people will be displaced and huge swathes of the world will become uninhabitable.

Gaia Vince, author of Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval talks to the hosts about the need for what she calls ‘honest pragmatism about human mobility’. With Gaia’s steer, the hosts and Gaia discuss ways we might manage this inevitable movement of people; why the right wing, anti-immigration narrative might resonate but is not rooted in the fact that migrants historically enrich societies, both culturally and financially, and how to implement long-term solutions rather than patch-ups.  




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Gaia Vince

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