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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 4, 2024

In our penultimate episode of the season, hosts Christiana, Tom, and Paul delve into a reflection on the year 2024 so far. This episode takes a deep dive into recent events, including London Climate Action Week, the global political landscape, and the clean energy transformation, all viewed through a climate lens. 

Optimistic Outlook:

Christiana shares positive news about upcoming trade agreements involving Costa Rica, Switzerland, Iceland, and New Zealand, which aim to eliminate tariffs on environmental goods.

Looking Ahead:

The hosts speculate on what the latter half of the year might bring for climate action and global policies as we anticipate UNGA, New York Climate Week, COP 16 and COP 29 to name but a few. 

Upcoming Episode:

We will be back for a short episode early next week, dedicated to understanding the election results in the UK and France.

Farewell for Now:

The hosts and the O+O team wish you a restful summer holiday. Stay connected for announcements and content on our social media channels as we take a brief break from the airwaves.

Thank you for tuning in!




Dawn of the Solar Age article from the Economist as mentioned by Tom


Details of the trade agreement between Costa Rica, New Zealand, Iceland and Switzerland as mentioned by Christiana


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French Citizen? Learn How To Vote Here


Learn more about the Paris Agreement.


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