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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 9, 2024

In this week's Election Special Roundup, our hosts delve into Labour’s recent victory in the UK, offering detailed analysis tailored for both UK and non-UK listeners. They cover the key events and implications from both before and after the election, providing a comprehensive overview of the political landscape.


  • Labour’s Win in the UK: In-depth discussion on Labour's success, including the factors leading to their victory and its potential impact on the UK political scene as well as key figures in Starmer’s cabinet that will play a key role in climate going forward. 

  • UK and French Elections: Celebration of the defeat of far-right factions in both countries, examining the broader implications for European politics.

  • US Politics: A brief look at the challenges facing the Democratic Party, especially in light of President Biden’s underwhelming performance in his recent televised debate with former President Trump.

Season Finale: As we wrap up this season, we want to thank our listeners for their support. Have an amazing summer holiday, and we look forward to returning in September with more discussions on climate action, political debates, and much more.

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