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Outrage + Optimism

May 22, 2020

It's International Biodiversity Day and we're celebrating in style!

We talk with Prof. Dr. Tom Crowther of Crowther Lab, ETH Zürich, who captured the imagination of the world with the idea that our world could support another trillion trees, and how that could restore a new world through carbon drawdown, create a better world with more biodiversity, provide the roadmap to a regenerated world which right now we can only dream of. His research has galvanized many to begin restoration efforts, including the least likely of suspects, Donald J. Trump. What do you do when a climate denier supports your work on climate change? Tom Crowther answers in this episode.

We also discuss the four principles Nature-Based Solutions which, among all the emerging guidelines and standards, are critical for successful restoration and conservation, avoiding "green-washing" of solutions that cover up escalating emissions.

After the interview, Christiana and Clay spring a guess-that-animal-sound game on the rest of the Outrage and Optimism team and one particular host refuses to lose.

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