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Outrage + Optimism

Dec 4, 2020

Around the world In 2020, we saw an unprecedented rise in activism surrounding Black Lives Matter and the call for racial and social justice. But if there’s one enormous takeaway for those marching for the climate, it is that our fight for climate justice is inextricably linked to our fight for racial justice.

BIPOC have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to disproportionately suffer the harshest effects of climate change. Unacceptable. So what clear actions can organizations, individuals, and institutions take to rectify this massive injustice? Taking us to the heart of the matter this week is our guest, British MP David Lammy.

David Lammy was the first black Briton to study at Harvard Law School and practised as a barrister before entering politics. He has served as the MP for Tottenham since 2000 and as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor in Keir Starmer's Shadow Cabinet since 2020. David is one of Parliament’s most prominent and successful campaigners for social justice. His recent TED Talk titled “Climate Justice Can’t Happen Without Racial Justice” has amassed millions of views and has become required viewing for anyone involved in climate action.

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