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Outrage + Optimism

Jan 6, 2021

A special bonus episode for a little inspiration as 2021 begins!

Christiana Figueres and the Outrage + Optimism gang chat with Andrew Higham, Chief Executive of Mission 2020 as its mission comes to a close. Mission 2020 was born out of the Paris Agreement to harness the momentum it brought about to ensure the urgency of the global climate conversation would be followed up by ambitious and daring action. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 did mark a turning point in tackling the climate crisis, with unprecedented commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, from governments, countries, regions, companies, investors and citizens. Now that 2020 has come and gone, what needs to happen next? 

Through consultation with hundreds of climate leaders from the grassroots to the highest levels and from all around the world, we chat with M2020 about the underlying principles of the “Prelude to A Great Regeneration” which sets a vision for the remaining nine years of this Decisive Decade. By 2030 we have to cut greenhouse gas emissions globally by at least 50% and actively restore our natural world. Woven through the rich visions, it is our hopes and dreams for the future, and a common desire for something altogether new to emerge from this moment: a world that is kinder, braver, more equal and more just.



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‘Prelude to a Great Regeneration’



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