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Outrage + Optimism

Feb 17, 2022

It took 40-50% of GDP to win WWII, 15% to manage COVID in 2020, so what can 2% do?

Historian, philosopher, bestselling author (and newly welcomed activist!), Yuval Noah Harari joins us to highlight how investing just 2% of global GDP into developing eco-friendly technologies and infrastructure every year could avert “the apocalypse” as he puts it.

His clear, down-to-the-essence thinking shines a bright light on a dark moment. Hit play to listen!

And at the top of the episode, our hosts Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson discuss the latest UK fringe conservative rumblings of the “Net Zero Scrutiny Group” and how recent populism movements are a wolf in sheeps clothing for communities who feel disenfranchised by politicians and global energy price fluctuations alike.

Plus! This week we have a special musical guest, “Ny Oh” with her song “Australia”. Stick around for that!



Christiana + Tom’s book ‘The Future We Choose’ is available now!

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The multi-talented, undeniable Ny Oh is our musical guest!


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