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Outrage + Optimism

Apr 27, 2023

Welcome to another bumper episode of Outrage + Optimism!


This week we kick off with a rather triumphant Paul Dickinson revelling in the news that Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, has parted ways with the corporation. First David Malpass, now Tucker Carlson... We can’t help but wonder who else features...

Apr 21, 2023

Welcome back to an Outrage + Optimism Earth Day Special where we are super excited to share with you this recording of our Live Q&A session recorded on Wednesday 19th April discussing the Momentum vs Perfection series.

We duly rolled out the red carpet once again for the fabulous Fiona McRaith who co-hosted the original...

Apr 6, 2023

With Tom away this week, tune in to hear Christiana Figueres and Paul Dickinson discuss announcements from the World Bank, the spring G7 meeting in Japan and Paul’s mini scoop into the issue of UK internal flights, as well as their fantastic interview with celebrated author  Jon Alexander and his widely acclaimed...