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Outrage + Optimism

Oct 5, 2023

This week on O+O, our hosts, Christiana, Tom and Paul delve into the latest International Energy Agency report which sounds the death knell on the fossil fuel era and welcome award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt onto the show.

With the IEA’s publication of their World Energy Outlook report, Christiana, Tom and Paul assess what this means for the fossil fuel industry, national governments and the companies continuing to push the exponential growth of the renewable energy markets. The IEA report still offers us an opportunity, a very, very slim opportunity to act unitedly and decisively to keep within our global targets - can we heed this advice before the door finally closes on this opportunity?

We’re extremely excited to welcome Amy Westervelt as our guest this week. Amy is an award-winning investigative print and audio journalist, loved by our team for her true crime climate podcast Drilled. Join us as she shares her journey to launching Drilled and Critical Frequency, her podcast production company, and why she’s dedicating her time to unearth the nefarious actions of a few PR firms that enable incumbents to keep a stake in the climate crisis narrative.

Music this week comes from Nick Nuttall and his debut album, Just Because Some Bad Wind Blows, which draws on rich life experiences between his eccentric upbringing in the North of England, to his nearly two decades of work at the UN fighting the climate and environmental crises across the globe.





Amy Westervelt, Investigative climate journalist and Head of Drilled Media

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Nick Nuttall

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Album ‘Just Because Some Bad Wind blows’ can be purchased here, or here

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