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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 10, 2020

This week, Outrage! and Optimism goes galactic to talk about the relationship between policy and science. In a world riddled by authoritarian divisions and isolating nationalism, how do we bring ourselves and our neighbors to the realization that we are one human race on a fragile planet that we need to protect?

Upon her return back to Earth, NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir agreed to sit down with us and talk through her experience of leaving the Earth, and how communicating what is often described as "The Overview Effect" can transform how we live our lives here on our tiny, blue marble.

Our musical guest this week is Mesadorm. They recorded an intimate rendition of their song, "Easy" for us. Stick around to hear it!


Check out the Expedition 62 Patch designed by Jessica! So cool.


Mesadorm's music video for "Easy"

This week's musical performance was brought in partnership with Sofar Sounds. You can learn more about supporting artists around the world through live shows and performances at


Register here for Yassamin Ansari's Virtual Event with Ben Rhodes | Moderated by Tom Rivett-Carnac on Saturday, July 11th!


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