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Outrage + Optimism

Jun 2, 2020

To save the world we need to change the story. Nature and the climate are in crisis. To survive we must use our most powerful tool - communication. Telling these stories can be difficult and dangerous. But done right they can change the world. Join environmental journalist Lucy Siegle (The Guardian, The One Show) and wildlife filmmaker Tom Mustill (Greta Thunberg / #NatureNow & BBC Natural History Unit) as they learn how to communicate better, from those who do it best.

This episode looks at the work of the world’s premiere nature broadcaster, one of the most trusted voices in the world. We ask Sir David Attenborough what he has learnt, what he would do if he was starting his career now, how we can use wonder to fight for nature and what we need to do immediately.

Listen HERE to the full episode!