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Outrage + Optimism

Oct 12, 2023

What happens when three wise women get together? Just an incredible series of new, mind-blowing conversations, that’s all.

In this week’s episode we are THRILLED to bring you an edited version of the AMAZING ten-part video series Uncertainty and Possibility -Meeting the Climate Future featuring Buddhist teacher, Roshi Joan Halifax; writer/activist Rebecca Solnit and of course, our own remarkable Christiana Figueres.  

Recorded by our friends at Upaya Zen Centre earlier this year while the three women were together in person, please do be sure to check out the full series in its entirety!

During the course of these discussions, Roshi Joan, Rebecca and Christiana go deep on topics ranging from personal reflections on climate grief, to how to be present to the current climate reality, to how we can rewrite the current narrative of the anthropocene.  We guarantee you will leave this conversations with a deepened understanding of the transformation, both personal and systemic, required to meet the challenges of the climate crisis.

Huge thanks goes to the team at Upaya who recorded these interviews and kindly allowed us use of their audio, and to Roshi Joan Halifax, Rebecca Solnit and Christiana for the rich conversation.

If the episode leaves you wanting to hear more from these wonderful women, you can download the previous Outrage + Optimisms episodes where Roshi Joan Halifax 

and Rebecca Solnit feature as guests. 


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Upaya Zen Centre

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Ten-part Video Series

Video Series: Uncertainty and Possibility—Meeting the Climate Future - Upaya Zen Center




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Rebecca Solnit 

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