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Outrage + Optimism

Feb 10, 2022

Today, an earth-shattering comet of an episode as Christiana, Tom and Paul talk to the phenomenally talented Adam McKay about his 4 time Oscar nominated film Don’t Look Up!

Writing and directing a comedy film about climate change is not a challenge for the faint hearted. Not only did Adam McKay take this challenge on, in doing so he created a tour-de-force which dominated global news feeds after its release, quickly took the position of 2nd most watched Netflix original and got EVERYONE talking about climate change. 

Listen as he describes his journey of growing climate awareness, how he doesn’t think he will produce another piece of work that ISN’T about climate change, and the breaking news that France will be hosting its own series of ‘Just Look Up’ days as a result of the film.

The hosts are also super charged this week as they tackle the global energy crisis head on, taking us on a whistlestop tour of the major issues that are being played out against an ever increasingly tense geopolitical backdrop. Can gas ever be considered green? What are the implications of this crisis on a swift green energy transition and stability of net zero ambitions?

We think you’ll agree, we really did have it all this week didn’t we?

And! Stick around til the end because playing us out this week is the incredibly talented Sibusile Xaba with his single ‘Angisenalutho’.



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Thanks to our guest this week, Adam McKay!


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The fantastic Sibusile Xaba is this week’s musical guest!


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