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Outrage + Optimism

Sep 15, 2022

Welcome back to a brand new season of Outrage + Optimism! We have missed you, friends!

This summer break in the Global North was yet another massive climate summer with much to talk about.

We kick off this jam-packed episode acknowledging the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II with personal reflections from the hosts Christiana, Tom and Paul as well as a touching conversation with Henry Dallal, a photographer who was regularly commissioned to capture Queen Elizabeth during the last few decades of her reign.

Christiana offers us a unique insight from Gastech, the world's largest gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy event that saw lone-climate-advocate Christiana deliver a strong speech to 40,000 executives on their role and moral duty to tackle emissions in their industry. A speech that is not to be missed and you can watch the full version here.

The hosts turn their attention to the key events of the summer that offered the global community both hope and sorrow as the world watched with keen optimism as the implications of Biden’s IRA legislation unfolded, Australia successfully passed a key climate bill through government, and India, Australia and Egypt submitted new NDCs ahead of UNGA and COP 27.

With heavy hearts however Christiana, Tom and Paul considered the devastating impact of the Pakistan floods that left a third of the country under water, mass crop failure, many lives lost including children, and vital infrastructure destroyed. The very real impacts of climate change are already hitting so many people in the global south, that issues of loss and damage and financial aid from the global north must surely form part of the discussions between world leaders in this year’s big climate events. 

We will of course be here throughout the rest of the season with the help of our very special guests, to bring you all the insights and analysis from these big events. 

Notes and Resources 


Thank you to our phone guest this week, Henry Dallal!


Henry Dallal | Photographer

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Be sure to check out Henry Dallal’s Book, ‘Addressing Climate Change’




Thank you to our musical guest this week, Gabriela Eva!


Gabriela Eva

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Check out Gabriela’s lyric video for ‘Pulling Faces In The Wind’

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