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Outrage + Optimism

Jul 24, 2020

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, legal systems around the world are beginning to witness the power of citizens, organizations, and businesses fighting legal battles to protect Earth. But who's side is the law on? This week we talk about how the tides have turned in favor of Earth in court with CEO of ClientEarth, James Thornton. We hear about how ClientEarth is mending the relationship between humanity and the Earth through the law, and James shares some amazing news from China regarding citizens being able to sue the Chinese government in environmental cases. Stick around for the amazing story of how €30 shut down a coal mine.

And our special guest co-host this week is Dr. Tara Shine. Science and policy adviser, explorer, tv presenter, and author (to name a few), Tara joins us to discuss the intersection of human rights and environmental rights, and intros us to her exhaustibly-researched-yet-incredibly-practical book, 'How To Save Your Planet One Object At A Time'.


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