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Outrage + Optimism

Dec 25, 2020

With the first year in the most decisive decade in history coming to a close, we wrap up Season 2 of Outrage and Optimism by being visited by 3 Christmas Ghos...ahem...Scientists.

...That’s a Charles Dickens joke.

But all joking aside, you are in for a real treat this episode.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have taken place every Christmas since 1825 in the UK. Started as a way to educate the public about science, it has become an annual tradition loved by families across the globe, both adults and children alike.

So in this episode, Christiana Figueres and Paul Dickinson sit down with the three Christmas Lecturers this year, Dr. Helen Czerski, Professor Chris Jackson, and Dr. Tara Shine, all expert scientists from different fields who will be addressing the unique challenge of climate change by unravelling our astonishing global systems and remarkable natural wonders that combine to keep life on Earth alive.

This year the program is titled, “Planet Earth: A User’s Guide

And don’t be fooled. “Lecture” might be a bit dull of a term to describe what happens at this annual event. Explosions, experiments, and demonstrations abound in this exciting and engaging program.

So grab your popcorn and hot chocolate, and listen in as we are visited by 3 different scientists this Christmas - Each guiding us to see a perspective on how we can each protect our climate from changing and create a more equitable and sustainable world.



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The 2020 Christmas Lecturers:


Dr. Helen Czerski

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Professor Chris Jackson



Dr. Tara Shine

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