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Outrage + Optimism

Jan 28, 2021

Welcome to Season 3!

With a renewed sense of optimism felt around the world with the inauguration of President Joe Biden in the United States this month, our collective sigh of relief is quickly met with the sobering reality of the moment - Nature’s systems are collapsing and we are running out of time to stop irreversible changes to our planet.

The science is clear. If we do not rapidly cut global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% in 2030, we will push our Earth beyond the ‘planetary boundaries’ that have sustained life for millions upon millions of years.

So what exactly are these ‘planetary boundaries’ we are dangerously approaching, and what are the science-based solutions to achieve our 2030 emissions target? Is there hope for our future? Our guest this week, Johan Rockström, is here to present the sobering, scientific case for why science demands a united global commitment for the race to zero.

Johan Rockström is an internationally recognised scientist and director of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research. He is best known for his influential work on the ‘planetary boundaries’ framework on which he has delivered two outstanding Ted Talks, the most recent as part of the Ted Countdown series.

Stick around for an unbelievable music performance from Ayoni!

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Thank you to our guest this week, Johan Rockström.

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Watch two of his TED Talks mentioned in the episode here:

10 Years to Transform The Future of Humanity - or Destabilize The Planet

5 Transformational Policies For a Prosperous and Sustainable World

Our musical guest this week is Ayoni!

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