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Outrage + Optimism

Dec 15, 2023

This week on Outrage + Optimism we bring you a serving of sizzling Cuban black bean soup in the form of a special live panel that was hosted by Tom Rivett-Carnac during COP 28!   

Joined by special guests Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability Officer for Mastercard; Kate Brandt, Chief Sustainability Officer at Google; and Craig Hanson, Managing Director and Executive Vice President for Programs at World Resources Institute, Tom and the panel dug in to a series of fascinating questions: how do businesses and organisations shift consumer behaviour to close the value -action gap; what is the importance of the role of the CSO in corporations; why is providing people and businesses with the right information at the right time key to transformation; and why communicating what IS working will build momentum. 

Essential listening as we enter the run up to the holidays when many of us will be choosing gifts for loved ones and taking time to set intentions for the New Year ahead!




Ellen Jackowski
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Kate Brandt

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Craig Hanson



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