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Outrage + Optimism

Nov 27, 2020

This is our second episode of an Outrage + Optimism investigative series on The Future of Transport. There’s no denying that for over a century, fossil fuels have played a key role in humanity’s progress. But at a cost. They account for two-thirds of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and the pollution from burning them kills more than 4 million people a year.

So in a year where cars sat unused, and oil prices crashed...what is the future of fuels? We know that in order to meet the Paris Agreement, we need to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. Because even though COVID-19 is expected to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions by 7% this year, we need massive changes in how we move people and things.

So will we see the end of the internal combustion engine? How will the world go electric? Can hydrogen scale to meet our energy demands? Our hosts Tom Rivett-Carnac, Christiana Figueres and Paul Dickinson pull out the roadmap to a zero-emission future, hit the road looking for answers to a decarbonized transport sector with experts who are in the driver's seat.

Read Tom’s blog to find out more from behind the scenes.

Watch David Lammy’s TED Talk before listening next week!

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Guests this week:


Ramez Naam, Singularity University

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Monica Araya, Climate Champion

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Mary Nichols, CA Air and Resources Board

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Martin Daum, Daimler

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Alejandro Agag, Formula E

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Craig Knight, Hyzon Motors

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Sara Forni, CERES

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Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged

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